Nevada Co. Amateur Radio Club / NCARC

Net News

We have 2 new volunteers stepping up for one of the clubs most important positions.

 Jason KJ6HNP and Ken KA6SUB have recently stepped up to become alternate Net operators.

NCARC thanks both of them for their participation and cooperation in this most important club activity. 

You will be hearing more from each of these controllers in the future.

It's great when we have club members step up and be willing to fill necessary positions especially with the air of enthusiasm and cooperation as these members have done. The entire club thanks you!

To assist our Net Controllers, Ray K6YIN will act as a coordinator in case one of them is unable to do their weekly net for any reason. Instead of having to contact each of the other net control operators to see if they can cover, all they have to do is to contact Ray and he will find someone to cover for them. This is not meant to preclude any of the operators from arranging their own swap. It is meant to prevent a no show situation when there is an emergency or some other situation that would prevent the regular Net operator from doing his weekly Net.

Net Controller                    Week                          Contact

Bert AI6LZ                                       1st Tuesday of the Month                  AI6LZ

Jon  WA6TNC                                  2nd Tuesday                                        WA6TNC

Jim KB6PUK                                    3rd Tuesday                                        KB6PUK

Dennis W7BOK                              4th Tuesday                                          W7BOK

Jeremiah  W6DLO                          5th Tuesday                                          W6DLO

Jason KJ6HNP                                  Alternate                                     KJ6HNP

Ken KA6SUB                                    Alternate                                     KA6SUB

RAY K6YIN                                       Net Coordinator                            K6YIN

(Intermittent due to propagation)

Information for New Club Members Regarding the Weekly Club Net

Each Net Control operator develops his own list of Hams that regularly check in on their weekly Net.

It is advised for any new club member to check in each week with the Net Controller and let him know you want to be placed on his list of check ins. That way you will be included when the Net Controller calls for club members. If they miss calling you, please check in when they call for any late or missed club members.  We want everyone to be included.

The NCARC NET is held on Tuesday Nights at 7:00pm

on 147.285 + offset PL 151.4 or 136.5.

Members and guests are encouraged to check in.

​Tue     ---    Informal 10m net after the 2M Net on    28.453  USB

Thur   ---   ARES Net  7:30pm   147.285 + offset PL 151.4 or 136.5

​Weekdays  ---  Area Weather Net  7:30am   147.285 + offset PL 151.4 or 136.5