Net News

The NCARC NET is held on Tuesday Nights at 7:00pm

on 147.285 + offset PL 151.4 or 136.5.

Members and guests are encouraged to check in.

​Tue     ---    Informal 10m net after the 2M Net on    28.453  USB

Thur   ---   ARES Net  7:00pm   147.285 + offset PL 151.4 or 136.5

​Weekdays  ---  Area Weather Net  7:30am   147.285 + offset PL 151.4 or 136.5

(Intermittent due to propagation)

Nevada Co. Amateur Radio Club / NCARC

Information for New Club Members Regarding the Weekly Club Net

If you are interested in becoming a Net Control Operator, let us know. Aquiring the skills necessary to run a Net are valuable skills to have as an amateur radio operator. Don't be afraid to step up and give it a try.

Net Controller                    Week                          Contact

Ed WH7TT                               1st Tuesday of the Month                             


Mark N6PVI                                    2nd Tuesday

Jim KB6PUK                                    3rd Tuesday                                        KB6PUK

Peter N6ERL                                   4th Tuesday                                         N6ERL                                  

Ken KA6SUB                                   5th Tuesday                                         KA6SUB