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Ham Radio - Hardly out of date, hardly amateurish.

Hear it from a true professional.

"and that's the way it is"

                                   ARES Net 

Thursdays at 7:30pm
147.285 + offset
PL 151.4 or 136.5.

NCARC is home to the first amateur radio station in the Gold Country.

Originally licensed by Phillip Keast (SK) as 6DD, the club is licensed now

as W6DD Grass Valley, California.  

W6DD repeater 147.285 + offset PL 151.4 or 136.5 and NCARC 147.015 + offset PL 151.4

​​​​***  News of Current Interest   ***

Coronavirus Precautions lead to Cancellation of the April Club Meeting

and the April VE Session, however....

We are going to have our monthly meeting "On Air".

Tune into 147.285 at 7pm on Monday April 13th 


* Annual Club Membership Dues are Due

    Please contact Chuck KI6CM or send us a check to our

    P.O. Box listed under Contact.

    We have about half of our regular members renewed so far, thanks.

    Your $20 membership fee goes a long way.

​    Plus we like having you as part of the group!














Est. 1960

​​​Club Net

Tuesdays at 7:00pm

147.285 + offset

PL 151.4 or 136.5

Members / Guests are encouraged to check in.

After the 2m Net:

An Informal 10m Net @ 28.453 USB


April 13th Club Meeting will be "On Air" at 7pm on 147.285

Board Meetings

1st Monday Of Each Month
11:30 am at Asian Gardens
Grass Valley.
Members are welcome to attend.

General Meetings
2nd Monday Of Each Month
7:00 p.m. at the Salvation Army Meeting Room
10725 Alta Street - Grass Valley.
Guests are Welcome.
Presentation, Coffee,

Monthly Raffle

Doors open at 6:30pm.

QRZ callsign lookup:
Callsign lookups provided by qrz.com

Nevada Co. Amateur Radio Club / NCARC

License Exam Sessions

The 2020 Schedule

 February   22nd 

April          25th    Cancelled

June          20th

August      15th

October    24th


Held at the Salvation Army

Meeting Room 

Session begins at 9am
10725 Alta Street - Grass Valley.

Contact Chuck Murphey KI6CM